Veni, Vidi, Venice

Ah, what a vacation. In the middle of September I went to north Italy to enjoy a friend’s wedding as well as the beautiful city and lagoon of Venice. So many things in such little time resulted in a very large amount of pictures so it took me a while to sort through them. There … Mehr Veni, Vidi, Venice

Through the Heathland

The heathland is in full bloom! So I took the chance to travel to a nearby abandoned military training area known as the „Reicherskreuzer Heide“ north of Cottbus and South of Berlin together with photo buddy Martin. The whole area is completely covered by the heath, only here and there are trees poking out of … Mehr Through the Heathland

Parksommerträume 2016

Am zweiten Augustwochenende fanden die 5. Parksommerträume im Schlosspark Altdöbern statt. Unter dem diesjährigen Motto „Märchengleich und Sagenhaft“ wurden die Besucher durch ein verzaubertes Programm geleitet, welches am Samstagabend mit der Aufführung des Meisterdiebs seinen Höhepunkt fand. Der gleichnamige DEFA-Film wurde damals unter anderem auch im Schloss Altdöbern gedreht und so fungierte die hintere Terrasse des … Mehr Parksommerträume 2016

Zauberhafte Lichtportraits – Bilder online

Am vergangenen Samstag hatte ich die Chance, im Rahmen der Parksommerträume Altdöbern euch die Lightwritingfotografie etwas näher zu bringen. Nach dem Workshop im letzten Jahr hatte ich mich diesmal jedoch dazu entschieden, dass ihr im Mittelpunkt steht, nämlich durch Lightwriting-Portraits. Die Bilder sind jetzt unter dem Link online 🙂 Wer die Chance verpasst hat, mich … Mehr Zauberhafte Lichtportraits – Bilder online

Osmodrama Berlin – an olfactory journey with the Smeller 2.0

Last saturday I got the chance to visit the Osmodrama, a temporary art exhibition of the so-called „Smeller 2.0“. Located in the St. Johannes Evangelist Church in Berlin the device acts as cinema for odours, played as a smell organ. What can I say about it… at least it was a very interesting experience. Based on more … Mehr Osmodrama Berlin – an olfactory journey with the Smeller 2.0

Catching Stars

Last weekend there were perfect conditions for taking photographs of the clear night sky. And like so many others I took my chances and travelled to different places to catch some photos. The first stop was at the lighthouse near Moritzburg. Although it sounds funny that there even exists a lighthouse at a lake where … Mehr Catching Stars

Big, bigger, F60 – A stroll through one of Lusatias opencast mines

Already a few weeks have passed since I visited the Tagebau Welzow-Süd – Lusatia’s biggest opencast mine – together with a few other photographers from Cottbus. In the following I want to give you a tiny glimpse inside the work of thousands of people in my home region. If you are really interested in all the … Mehr Big, bigger, F60 – A stroll through one of Lusatias opencast mines

BOY concert at Gladhouse Cottbus (supporting act Naima Husseini)

What a wonderful occasion to celebrate Easter with a concert of BOY last sunday at the Gladhouse Cottbus. I had planned to visit the concert as a fan but had the chance to bring my equipment and spent part of the evening as photographer for the Gladhouse. Although I took photos of concerts before I … Mehr BOY concert at Gladhouse Cottbus (supporting act Naima Husseini)