Catching Stars

Last weekend there were perfect conditions for taking photographs of the clear night sky. And like so many others I took my chances and travelled to different places to catch some photos. The first stop was at the lighthouse near Moritzburg. Although it sounds funny that there even exists a lighthouse at a lake where no bigger ship will ever need one it was used as scenery for greater theatrical games during a time where lords and chieftains wanted to amuse themselves with spectacle. Today it remains as a nice-to-look-at landmark and of course wonderful site for taking nightly photographs 🙂
It was there that I met Marco from md-pic who had the same idea as me. He’s also based in South Brandenburg but his specialty are the rocks, nooks and crannies of the Elbsandsteingebirge. Thanks for the lighting and nice chat 🙂

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After the long shoot at the lighthouse I decided to take a detour back home and visited the Rusty Nail again. To my dismay I found that it was closed due to maintenance (bird crap :P). So I could only take a star trail picture and had to leave. But I will come back for sure 😀

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On the day after the place to go was the future Cottbuser Ostsee with it’s landmark tower and a boat called Mia. But see for yourself 😉

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