An Evening with Hans Zimmer

Wednesday, 20th April 2016, shortly before 8 pm. The masses slowly gather in the former O2 World near Postbahnhof in Berlin. I am one of many eagerly awaiting the start of the coming concert. Hans Zimmer will show us a selection of his finest works including his oscar winning performance in the Lion King up to his incredible contributions to Christopher Nolan’s movies The Dark Knight, Inception and Interstellar (one of my all-time favorites).

During the concert the arena is filled with such a wide variety of musical highlights that words can’t describe the feeling I had just sitting there and listening to the dozens of talented musicians giving their best to make this evening unforgettable for everyone.

And even though the photographer in me was pushed back a little by the wonderful concert I just needed to take one or two shots of the concert (I just bought a nice little compact camera, but this is another story).

To show you just a litte glimps of the concert, I have this little but gorgeous snippet of their performance of Stay from the Interstellar OST.