BOY concert at Gladhouse Cottbus (supporting act Naima Husseini)

What a wonderful occasion to celebrate Easter with a concert of BOY last sunday at the Gladhouse Cottbus. I had planned to visit the concert as a fan but had the chance to bring my equipment and spent part of the evening as photographer for the Gladhouse. Although I took photos of concerts before I had never taken photos of such a famous band and felt a bit nervous at first. But when it began I din’t have the time to feel nervous anymore and just did what I was asked to: photooooos! The lighting conditions were very gloomy at times but I took the challenge head on. Enjoy the results 🙂

BOY were supported by local band Naima Husseini from Berlin who also brought double women’s power on the stage.

The extremely likeable Valeska and Sonja brought such a positive vibe to the concert house that you could feel the fans‘ happiness when they started their performance.