From Brussels to Bruges and back again

Since I’ve seen the movie „In Bruges“ with Colin Farell I felt the need to visit this old town in the heart of West Flanders on my own and walk along the old streets. Together with my travel companion Stephan we planned our stay in Brussels and took a day trip to Bruges together with other visitors who booked a tour through the historic city center. Although the temperatures couldn’t be called winterly in any way the mood was set by the christmas markets in both towns.

Especially in Brussels almost the whole city center was decorated with countless lights whereever we went. The best christmas market in my opinion was the one we found in front of Saint Cathrines church. The view from the Ferris wheel was just wonderful and from above the winter wonderland looked even better.

Apart from the christmas markets Brussels has a beautiful city center. Especially the Grand Place is a sight to behold. The restauration process for the fassades of the old buildings is comming to an end and most of them already shine golden.

On the last day and evening we visited the Atomium.